Tourism Industry Research Proposal

Tourism industry is the complex industry which proves tourists with the unique opportunities of visiting the interesting countries for them, original places for leisure and entertainment. Nowadays tourism has become a very popular activity and the majority of people enjoying travelling all over the world in order to learn something new about the world around, the traditions and customs of other cultures and to improve their health visiting the seaside and the areas which influence the human health positively. Obviously, it is very difficult to travel alone and without the slightest idea where to go in the host country. Tourism industry has appeared for the solution of numerous problems related with travelling. With the help of the industry tourists are able to book a hotel, buy tickets to the country they visit, attend the most famous places in the country with the guide who would inform about everything step by step. Tourism industry is the facilitator of every traveller, because its numerous spheres cooperate for the tourist’s benefit. The person simply pays money and all the services are supplied for her advantage.

Tourism industry is closely connected with the recreation and hotel and restaurant industries, because all these spheres are closely related and can not exist separately. No one would require any hotels if there were no tourists. Tourism can not exist without restaurant industry, because travellers require food on their long way of exhibitions, museums, theatres, squares, waterfalls and parks. Tourism is a useful activity, but it can not be called a cheap one, so it is not a secret that tourism industry is one of the most profitable businesses nowadays.

Tourism industry is a broad and varied industry which embraces many spheres of the human life. If the student is interested in the problem of tourism industry and its structure and development, he is asked to complete a detailed and informative research proposal which would reflect his bright mind and creative thinking. A good research proposal will explain the aim of the research, the relevance of the investigation on tourism industry; it should demonstrate its strong and weak sides and possible ways out of the problems. The young professional is supposed to share the expectations concerning the research and the objective evaluation of the current tourism industry.

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